ALDI Little Journey Sensitive Baby Wipes

Little Journey Sensitive Baby Wipes

We use baby wipes A LOT! We have twin toddlers, so there is no shortage of opportunities throughout the day to wipe little butts, hands, faces, floors, tables…whatever. When the boys were born we started using the regular Aldi wipes because they were recommended to us. Our boys had pretty sensitive skin, so it seemed like we were constantly dealing with diaper rash. Once the sensitive wipes started showing up in Aldi we made the switch and never looked back. We certainly see some redness once in a while, but it isn’t all that bad and not all the time. I can’t say that it is due to the use of these particular wipes, or perhaps their skin isn’t as sensitive, but there has been a change.

Little Journey Sensitive Wipes are decent quality. I’ve used thicker, stronger wipes and wipes that tear while just taking them out of the package. These are middle of the road- soft enough and strong enough. My biggest complaint about these wipes is that they don’t pull from the package super easily. By that I mean that they stick to each other, so you might pull out a few at a time. They come in packs of 3, so you do have to make a little commitment when buying them. ALDI sells them for $3.95 which comes to $0.02/wipe. I thought that this was a fantastic deal, but the Huggies Natural Care Sensitive Wipes are close to the same price on Amazon. For the refills the Huggies wipes are also $0.02/wipe and for the flip-top bag the wipes are a penny more per wipe. These are in large quantities, so you still have to find storage room. I suppose that penny would add up when you consider how many wipes you use in a day and how many years you use them. But, I did recently buy the Huggies refill box and it really wasn’t so difficult to tear the individual wipes when I didn’t have them in a refillable container. While this review started out as a hands-down ALDI win, I think it has turned into a toss-up. Depending on where your convenience lies- online shopping or walking into ALDI- you will find similar quality and price and you probably won’t be disappointed with either. Happy diaper changing!

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