RXBAR Gingerbread Protein Bar

This week ALDI had seasonal RXBAR Protein Bars. I tend to like these bars as a filling snack. They have simple ingredients that I can identify and are a little sweet. I’ve previously tried some of the fruit flavors and they are really good. The RXBAR Gingerbread Protein Bar, however, was terrible. I can’t decide if it tasted like a candle or spice flavored mud. Either way, I did not like it and I wish I could take those calories back. The texture was like other RXBARs that I have tried- chewy and a little sticky. There were pieces of nuts that gave it a little crunch. I could see how some people might not enjoy the texture of these bars since they really are ground dates held together with egg whites. I don’t mind the consistency, it was the taste of RXBAR Gingerbread Protein Bar that I could do without. I wanted to like them since I love gingerbread cookies, but I’m always trying not to eat cookies. Unfortunately, I had to eat a cookie to get the taste out of my mouth. I also bought the pumpkin flavor, so hopefully that one won’t be so disappointing.

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