Barissimo Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Barissimo Pumpkin Spice Coffee Review

Few things excite me like arrival of pumpkin spice flavored things in the stores and ALDI certainly plays to this excitement. If fall had a flavor, it would taste like pumpkin spice; it is much more appealing than crunchy dried leaves which might also be a flavor of fall. This morning I sat down to work with the season’s first cup of Aldi’s Barrissimo Pumpkin Spice Coffee and it was delightful. One of the things that I like best about this pumpkin spice coffee is that it doesn’t have all the carbs, sugar, and fat that so many of the pumpkin spice treats carry. I have to admit though that I drink my coffee with a bit of milk and sweetener, so for those coffee purists out there, beware that my review may be skewed.

Barissimo is one of ALDI’s store brands. The pumpkin spice coffee holds its own when compared to the Dunkin Donuts flavored coffee. It’s not as strong as Starbucks, but I wouldn’t say that it is weak-sauce either. The smell of this coffee while it is brewing is particularly enjoyable, if you like the smell of coffee and spices. Personally, I would buy a candle with this scent. I think the spicy flavor is strong enough to taste, but does not overpower the coffee. But, when I asked my husband what he thought of it, he responded that he didn’t even realize that it was pumpkin spice. He took another sip and confirmed the he still didn’t taste it. Subtle seems like the appropriate word to describe the pumpkin spice flavor. But, I really like it and recommend it if you like light to medium bold coffees with a bit of spice. It also makes me wonder what I could make with pumpkin spice coffee…ice cream or protein shakes?!

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